My Best Sports Day

Is an Erasmus+ Sport project with the number 590320-EPP-1-2017-1-SI- SPO-SSCP. The goal of the project is increase the level of physical activities of children with special needs in primary schools and inspire them with traditional European sports & games.


News About The Project

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The project idea is to promote national traditional games and sports by increasing the level of physical activity of children with special needs.

Emphasizing the importance of physical activity during childhood builds the foundation for your children to grow up to be healthy adults. We are going to contribute in increasing the physical activity of children with disabilities by including them in sports and games.


Traditional sports and games can form the backbone of a community, and further community spirit, bring peoples together and instill a sense of pride. In this project we are going to present different national games and sports from Slovenia, Sweden, Italy, Portugal and Turkey. Cultural heritage is very important and through this project we are going to promote the national games from each country on an international level.


Inclusion does not just happen by itself; it needs to be proactively driven by all stakeholders in sports!
Organisations dealing with disability-sports and para-sports may use the concept of inclusion to develop and sustain some of their sports, or to enrich participation; e.g. in sports. This project is going to include all children, we are going to include everyone in the participation in national games.

Download a description of the chosen national games and sports

This is a document that describes national games and sports


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