Pilot in Margherita di Savoia

Pilot Test of the My Best Sports Day – Margherita di Savoia/Trinitapoli (Italy)

It was held on 01/03/2019 on a magnificent day of sunshine and great collective participation. MSV Basket brought in the field the realization of this event that recalled traditional games of the past but importing 5 of them from the respective European partner countries:

  • Corner Ball (Sweden)
  • Rotten Egg (Slovenia)
  • Catch the Handkerchief (Turkey)
  • Boccia (Portugal)
  • Ruzzola (Italy)

More than 100 children attended from Comprehensive Institute of Trinitapoli, among whom some of them had certain functional and physical disabilities; a Social Cooperative with 20 disabled children with a high degree of disability both cognitive and physical; Secondary School “Ipssar Margherita di Savoia” with which we have combined the value of the “Breakfast like one time old” combined with the Traditional Games prepared and offer from other 10 disabled students; in this beautiful context the process of social integration carried out with the broad participation of the parents who came to the exhibition and to the Institutional authorities of the territory with which they congratulated themselves for the importance of the results achieved by the other moral and social value never realized until today.

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